"Bring Your Plan to yield a Good Return"

PT. Teknik Utama Negeri Engineering will help you to: Bring your plans to yield good returns; Execute & Controll your present Projects and Preventive Maintenance Analysis, Generate As-built Documentation and/or Monitoring System your previous project (Your Present Running Process Plants).

What We Do

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal directional drilling or HDD (known also as Guided Boring) techniques are used for the trenchless installation of new pipelines, ducts and cables. The drill path may be straight or gradually curved, and the direction of the drilling head can be adjusted at any stage during the initial pilot bore to steer around obstacles or under highways, rivers or railways ...Read More

Pilot Steering Surveyor Engineering Services (Paratrack System)

TUNE Engineering Team experienced since 2012 on using Paratrack in Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) projects throughout all Indonesian region. Now On 2017, Teknik Utama Negeri Engineering Offering "Pilot Steering Surveyor Engineering Services (Paratrack System)" for your HDD project needs. ...Read More

Water Treatment

Teknik Utama Negeri Engineering ( TUNE ) Water Treatment ( WT ) division was established in 2016 which is located at the base of Pangkalan Kerinci, Palalawan, Riau. TUNE WT Offering Services water purification, wastewater treatment, upgrading water systems and water quality testing for Residents, Building, Hospital, school and industrial. ...Read More

General EPC and Maintenance Services

Our Engineers, Designers and Draftsmen had been worked in various projects (Oil & Gas, Chemical / Pulp & Paper Industries, Mines, Power Plants and Buildings) with multnational Clients around the worlds, most experienced more than 15 years. Familiar with International Design Codes; Standard and/or Regulations. Basic Design; Detail Design; Project Management; Preventive Maintenance Analysis & Monitoring System. ...Read More

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