Pilot Steering Surveyor Engineering Services (Paratrack System)


Identification of location and guidance of the drilling is an important part of the drilling operation, as the drilling head is under the ground while drilling and, not visible from the ground surface. Uncontrolled or unguided drilling can lead to substantial destruction, which can be eliminated by properly locating and guiding of the drill head. And the solution to be able to control it is to use Equipment Guidance for detecting pilot bore movement inside earth, and one of Eqiupment is Paratrack System.

Paratrack is underground magnetic tracking system with unique capabilities. Rather than using a conventional surface guidewire or coil, the surface deployment of ParaTrack will often use a guidewire along centerline with a return cable placed offline so its magnetic signal is negligible.

What We Offer?

TUNE Engineering Team experienced since 2012 on using Paratrack in Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) projects throughout all Indonesian region. Now On 2017, Teknik Utama Negeri Engineering Offering "Pilot Steering Surveyor Engineering Services" (Paratrack System) for your HDD project needs. TUNE HDD Team will assisting your Horizontal Directional Drilling projects with Paratrack System, for more Precision results in HDD pilot bore.

Who The Process

Land Surveying and Engineering

TUNE Engineering Team will do Surveying and Engineering for Paratrack system installation planning design.

Installing Paratrack System

TUNE Engineering Team Will do installation for Guide Wires base on survey plan & approved design drawing and other Paratrack System Equipments.

Pilot Bore Guiding

TUNE Engineering Team will monitoring and assist the driller on HDD pilot bore to assure the pilot bore is on track.

Uninstalling Paratrack System

TUNE Team Will do Uninstalling the Paratrack system after Pilot Bore done and provide project delivarables.

Why Paratrack System ?

Paratrak System is one of the guiding system is used for the Pilot Bore is used for the Pilot Bore. Where accuracy is more precise, can deeper and more accurate than others Pilot Bore Guiding equipments. Paratrack system can also be used in salt water for do pilot bore at in shore application.

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